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Answer to Cancer relies on the support of our generous sponsors and individual donors who help us achieve our mission to fight against cancer. Our team is made up of committed professionals who work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disease. Get to know our team and our sponsors by scrolling below.

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2024 Sponsors

At Answer to Cancer, we are incredibly grateful for the contributions provided by our individual donors and local business sponsors who are passionate about our mission. The donations we receive from these allow us to continue reaching out to those within the community who are in need of help. We are honored to be able to rely on the support of the many generous people who have joined us in the fight against cancer. We cannot thank our supporters enough for helping us make a difference.

Thank you to our Sponsors and Donors



Charlene Friedman

Craig and Cynthia Hovda



Dale Sorensen Real Estate



  Sherry & David Brown

James Longo  

Martin and Susan Carder  

Jeanine Nestor  

Kevin and Ann Cory  

Marilyn and Patrick O’Brien  

Bill and Linda Kofoed  

AR Choice Management

J. McLaughlin

Par-Tee Boys Golf Group




Peter & Lisa Alcock

Mike & Jan Harrell

Judy Kline

Curtis & Kim Strom

Arnie & Ro Bell

Bruce & Michele Hubler

Wayne & Suzanne Lindros

Bob & Janet Thomas

Diane Carhart

Art & Debbie Hungerford

Timothy Lisante

Roger & Amy Wehner

Steve & Mare Cappuccio

Sheila Iodice

Thom & Cheryle Mackie

Billy & Barbara Wendt

Carole Casey

Dick & Kathy Jodka

Tom & Carolyn McAnallen

Talmadge Commercial Insurance

Robert & Carol Cashill

Ed Johnson

Susan Milanak


Bill Devinney

James & Karol Kaltenbach

Carolyn & Dave Parks

Father & Son Carpet

Arthur & Jackie Dornbusch

Alan & Loretta Kaplan

Ken & Mary Potter

B&W Painting

Nancy Forlines

Margie Keane

Jack & Barbara Reis

Georgene & Barry Grennan

John & Maureen Kitson

Leonard & Michele Schiraldi


Everyday Heroes – Individual Sponsors 

Tamara Baum

Rich & Barbara Finn

Doug & Susan Marquis

Laura Rutenis

Paul & Beata Beldham

Bob & Jan Garrison

Ken & Maryellen Mellett

Paul & Denise Rutenis

Dalyte Bernotos

Pam Geerdes

Molly Merser

Keith & Anna Ryan

Jeff & Kate Besecker

Liz Getchell

Pat & Diane Neville

Suzanne Scarpitti

Linda & Rich Bradley

Anita Graham

Dwight & Melissa Norrgard

Luella Stiansen

Christine Carrier

Kelly Husak

Jack & Carolyn Norris

Herb & Becky Torbin

Paul & Jill Casaccio

Betty & Dale Jacobs

Linda & Stephen O'Grady

D Uible

John &Carol Ceplenski

Peggy & Ed Jesser

Nancy Oliver

Keith & Deb VanEtten

Liz Crowthers

Alice & David Johnson

Tom & Betsy Otteson

Bonnie & Ital Vernon

Maryann DiLella

Susan Johnson

Ann & Rich Passen

Bob & Rita Whiteman

Donna Dole

Jackie & Joe Kelley

Britt-Mrie and Andrew Paul

Carolyn Wilholt

Dean & Lauren D'Onofrio

Bert & Kate Lombino

Linda & Ted Renna

Marcia & Mark Zanger

Peg & Ray Dutcher

Theresa & Bill Ludwick

Val & Marcia Riordan

Jerry & Eileen Zollenberg

Helen & Michael Evans

Nancy Marquardt

Chris & Stan Rud

Thursday Girls Golf Group

Will Siewert

Simon & Eleanor Caldecott

Joe Jutras

Thank You

Answer to Cancer would like to thank all those who have donated this year. 

Become A Sponsor

We invite you to Sponsor this years ATC events! 

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