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2024 Project Goals

Through our partnership with Medical Director Anastasia Tousimis, MD at the Scully-Welsh Cancer Center we are able to offer local support to cancer patients and their families with projects specifically requested by Dr. Tousimis. This year, our projects are focused on raising funds for critical resources and support for those that are affected by cancer. Through community events and fundraising initiatives, we hope to fund vital research, provide emotional and financial assistance to patients and their families, and ultimately, contribute to the fight against cancer. Join us in making a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer. These are the projects we intend to fund. 

"...It is obvious that things at the Center are “state of the art".  We count our blessings that the Indian River Cancer Center is in our back yard!"

Integrated Medicine Program

At Answer to Cancer of Grand Harbor, we are proud to sponsor the Integrative Medicine Program at Scully-Welsh Cancer Center. Our goal is to fund various projects that will promote the growth and success of the program. One of our most exciting projects this year includes the addition of a food cart, a yoga program, a counseling program for cancer patients, and a wig boutique. With our support, the program manager position will continue to be funded and the program will continue to expand.

Nutrition Cart

The food cart ATC sponsored in 2023 has been such a huge success for the infusion patients that our goal is to purchase another cart to be used in the lobby and for the patients on the 2nd floor. 

Yoga Program

Yoga can have a positive impact on the physical and emotional well-being of cancer patients. Research has shown that yoga can help manage the side effects of cancer treatment such as fatigue, insomnia and mood changes. 

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