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Patient Care Navigators

"From the moment you call to make an appointment, our cancer care coordination team kicks into high gear, providing you with our experienced Patient Care Navigators that offer their guidance and cancer care knowledge. This support is invaluable as you will have many questions and they understand the stress that comes along with a cancer diagnosis. Let us walk with you in your journey to health and wellness."


The navigators can effectively help patients anticipate and avoid obstacles to care, such as:


  • Healthcare barriers: fragmented services, lack of coordination of available services

  • Financial barriers: lack of or insufficient insurance, overwhelming amounts of paper work, undocumented status and lack of citizenship, lack of financial resources

  • Physical barriers: lives excessive distances from the cancer center, lack of car or access to public transportation

  • Information/educational barriers: primary language is not English, inadequate health literacy, need for information about cancer care

  • Social barriers: appointment not kept because of need for child or elder care, fear of side effects of therapy

Nutritional Counseling Program

Few cancer patients have access to Registered Dietician Nutritionists (RDNs), despite an estimated 80% of patients becoming malnourished at some point during cancer therapy. Malnutrition is associated with poor health outcomes, including decreased tolerance to cancer therapy, greater treatment toxicities, and increased mortality. Dieticians are trained to support each patient’s unique needs during the course of their treatment.

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The DigniCap Scalp Cooling System consists of a computerized cooling unit managed through a touch screen display and an attached cooling cap with integrated sensors. Temperature-regulated coolant continuously circulates through specially designed channels in the cooling caps. Unlike other scalp cooling systems, the patented sensors ensure the proper scalp temperature is maintained throughout the treatment.

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The Daavlin 3 provides phototherapy solutions for various skin disorders.

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Used for face and neck reconstructive surgery in cancer patients.

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