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Answer to Cancer continues our mission in  partnering with  Scully Welsh Cancer Center to provide exceptional tender loving care to cancer patients and their families. In collaboration with the cancer center the following programs have been identified for funding by Answer to Cancer this year. Please join us in helping transform the lives of Scully Welsh patients.


Food Cart -  The addition of a food cart for patients undergoing radiation treatment will be a game changer for providing compassionate care. SWCC does not currently have any food options available for patients and their families/caregivers. Patients with advanced cancer experience various problems with eating, nausea, and resulting poor nutrition. A food cart will provide nutritious food that will relieve nausea and provide flexible options.

Two portable ultrasound devices for Dr. Salzberg will provide in-house ultrasound to cut down on patients’ wait time and having to schedule additional appointments. Handheld ultrasound devices produce extremely accurate results when used to answer patient-focused questions. A new portable system will allow Dr. Salzberg and his team to answer diagnostic questions and aid in the accuracy of performing procedures at the bedside.

The Integrative Medicine Program at SWCC incorporates elements of complementary and alternative medicine into comprehensive treatment plans alongside traditional oncology treatment. Our program provides Nurse Navigators, social workers, and community resources to help meet patient needs. Supporting this program will help offer new complimentary services to oncology patients, including acupuncture, art therapy, and music therapy.

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